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Sovern Hotel Management Consultants

Sovern Hotels & Resorts provides interim, general management and turnaround hotel management services which focuses on increasing bottom-line profitability for owners with a positive annual return and an increased market value.

Headed by the well-known hotelier Mr. Stephen Quinn (Director) since 1999, Sovern Hotels & Resorts delivers strong and practical services that seek to increase revenue and structuralise operations via comprehensive management strategies including

Revenue Management
Sales & Advertising
Finance & Accounts
Human Resources
Ecommerce & Online Marketing
Having worked within the international hotel industry with great success, Stephen Quinn brings his wealth of experience and results-driven approach to Sovern Hotels & Resorts, drawing on his time with landmark hotels such as:
Morgans Hotel, New York
The Ritz Tower Hotel, New York
The Carlyle Hotel, New York
The Royalton Hotel, New York
Dorset Hotel, New York
Roger Smith Hotel, New York
Adare Manor, Limerick
And as an independent Hotel Consultant, Stephen has worked on a range of hospitality projects including Kinnity Castle, Lough Cutra Castle, Roganstown Golf & Country Resort, Lough Rynn Castle, Kilronan Castle & Spa, Middleton Park House, Galway Harbour Hotel and Riverrun Estate & Wildlife Reserve.

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